Who T@gged You


Staff Writer

The world of communications has evolved over time. Even with the advantages in technology, we still hide the same things from our parents, that our parents hid from theirs. In the series, three high school juniors named Hailey, Rowan, and Elisa show us the danger of being T@gged.


When an anonymous predator tags the three girls in a violent video, and posts videos of them doing everyday tasks like sleeping, the girls realize they must connect with one another in order to survive. In order to connect, they must tell each other their deepest secrets and face their pasts.


The series is accurate to teenagers these days, with the ups and downs in high school, social media, and the need to fit in. The setting with the quality is a four out of five.


If you’re looking for a good mystery TV show, you should definitely check T@gged out. Even though there are only eleven episodes, each one is filled with love, hate, compassion, and fear. So bring the popcorn, take a seat, and start streaming for free.

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