Varsity Girls Volleyball: El Diamante vs. Redwood


Staff Writer

After being crushed by the Redwood Rangers in a three-match battle, the El Diamante Lady Miners played it out in a rematch at the El Diamante Gym on October 18. The Miners came out strong and on fire in the first match with intense energy and rapid hits, winning with a score of 25-18.


The Rangers came back in the second game with a positive attitude and quick defensive skills, which caused a tight game for the first half. The Miners began to slip, leaving the Rangers to win the second game with a score of 25-19.


By the third match, Redwood came out swinging hard and left the Lady Miners in the dust again; the Miners tried to make a comeback but lost 19-25. The Redwood Rangers–at an extreme level of energy–finished off the game with amazing digs and saves, keeping the game alive. The Miners, yet again, fought hard but could not keep up. The Miners lost to Redwood in the fourth game with a score 20-25.

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