Revelmode Pants on Fire Review

revelmodeBy EMILY DE MELLO

Staff Writer

Revelmode, a network launched by PewDiePie, has created many ways for YouTubers to collaborate. Their latest creation is a YouTube series called Pants on Fire. Pants on Fire is a game where one YouTuber is hooked up to a lie detector and the other is asking them questions. If they are lying about the answer, they get a shaving cream pie to the face.

The series was announced on the Revelmode Twitter account and was promoted before PewDiePie and JackSepticEye aired it. The first two videos were uploaded on October 23rd this week. The very first video can be found on JackSepticEye’s Channel, where PewDiePie asked him questions. The second video is on PewDiePie’s channel, where JackSepticEye asked him questions.

Both videos were equally hilarious due to the funny banter and sarcasm given by the YouTubers. The questions asked were also funny by themselves, so the viewer never got bored while watching these videos. It was interesting how they used the questions they made up and the questions submitted by fans.

At the moment, they are only using gaming YouTubers, but Revelmode isn’t limited to that. Other members of Revelmode include CutiePieMarzia and Emma Blackery, who aren’t gamers, so I’d expect to see other kinds of YouTubers on Pants on Fire.

The series is enjoyable to watch and they are good videos to watch if you want to laugh or watch people answer ridiculous questions. It’s also completely free on YouTube and very easy to find. For Pants on Fire being Revelmode’s very first series, they did an amazing job.

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