Oklahoma Shooting


Staff Writer

A Native American who stands at 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 212 pounds and goes by the name, Michael Vance, has recently been released from Lincoln County Jail. He was a criminal offender for child sexual assault. Michael Vance was a suspect of shooting and wounding two police officers with an AK-47 while he was on the run this year.


After his release from prison, Vance was abruptly approached by police officers, and he did not hesitate and immediately started to fire at the incoming officers. Afterwards, he stole the police cars and fled the scene to a mobile home. Vance had assaulted and carjacked a woman’s car after shooting her. Later he was discovered to have been hiding in his aunt and uncle’s home, who were later murdered by him.


Two Facebook videos were posted that trailed his potential whereabouts and his escape from the officers. There was some suspicion that Vance was diagnosed with a medical condition, and might try to spread the disease. Unfortunately, clues to his whereabouts are still unknown, but there is a possibility that he is still within thirty miles of Oklahoma City.

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