NFL Rookie Quarterbacks


Staff Writer

Fifteen quarterbacks were drafted in the NFL draft this year. Out of those fifteen only one was expected to start, and that was the 1st overall, Jared Goff, for the Los Angeles Rams. And so far five rookie quarterbacks have started and seven have actually played.


The two rookie QB’s who have stood out the most this year are the 2nd overall pick, Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles, and the 135th overall pick, Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys.


Carson Wentz came out of nowhere before the draft. He played college ball at the small school of North Dakota State. When Wentz was drafted, the Eagles quarterback situation was a mess. They re-signed Sam Bradford, who wanted to leave once Wentz was drafted. They signed Chase Daniel, who had a strong relationship with the Eagles new head coach Doug Pederson, who was the offensive coordinator with the Kansas City Chiefs where Daniel served as the backup behind Alex Smith. Bradford was named the starting QB for week one, but that is when things changed. Bradford was traded to the Minnesota Vikings a week before the first regular season game, once Vikings young star QB, Teddy Bridgewater, suffered a torn ACL that would keep him out the whole season. Then, Pederson named Wentz the starting QB. Through six games this season, Wentz has thrown for 1,324 yards, eight touchdowns, and three interceptions, while leading the Eagles to an impressive 4-2 record.


Dak Prescott had a different route than Wentz. Prescott played at Mississippi State and who had a shocking fall in the draft. Prescott was projected to be a second to third round pick, but fell to the fourth round, and that’s where the Cowboys found their quarterback of the future. The QB situation was much different in Dallas as well. Cowboys long time starter Tony Romo already had a lock on his job and Prescott seemed to be a lock as the backup. But in their first preseason game, Romo suffered a back injury that would keep him for at least half the season. Prescott stepped in and has exceeded expectations. Through his first six games, Prescott has thrown for 1,486 yards, seven passing touchdowns and has rushed for three touchdowns, and has only thrown one interception. Prescott who also broke Tom Brady’s record for most consecutive passes thrown without an interception to start a career with his 163rd completed pass. The question that people are asking is, when Romo comes back, who starts? As of right now, Prescott is making a strong case to start.

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