Immune System Killing Cancer


Staff Writer

There was a really big success in the advancement of immunotherapy treatments for cancer. The Food and Drug Administration approved a immunotherapy drug called Keytruda, this drug could be the first treatment that a patient receives for the disease rather than chemotherapy. Keytruda is the only immunotherapy drug approved for first-line treatment for these patients.


As data seems to show, the future of curing cancer could simply just be in our own immune systems. Dr. Philip Greenberg says, “It’s certainly going to become an independent way of treating cancers. We always talk about the three pillars of cancer therapy — radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery — and it’s become quite clear now that there’s going to be a fourth pillar, which is immunotherapy,” he said. “There are times where it will be used alone, and there will be times that it will be used in conjunction with the other therapies, but there’s very little to question that this is going to be a major part of the way cancers are treated from now on, going forward.”


Time will tell if our bodies will be able to fight off our own cancer. Doctors and researchers are working hard to make this possible.

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