Hillary Clinton Condoning Violence?


Staff Writer

Donald Trump’s campaign said, on Monday, October 24th, that news of an undercover video, shot by a conservative activist, proves Hillary Clinton “directly” coordinated with a liberal group that has been accused of inciting violence at Trump rallies. The latest video from Project showed a Democratic operative, who, in the past, has been linked to individuals accused of planting provocateurs at Trump events, brags about being ordered by Clinton to send protesters dressed up as Donald Duck to Trump events.


“In a totally disqualifying act that is a violent threat to our democracy, Hillary Clinton directly involved herself in inciting violence directed at Trump supporters,” Trump senior communications adviser, Jason Miller, said in a statement demanding an investigation.


The third Project video, what was released Monday, shows how the plan was made to have an activist in a Donald Duck costume follow Trump with a sign saying, “Donald ducks releasing his tax returns.” In the video, it is clear that Democratic Partner Robert Creamer claims that the plot came from the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.


“And in the end, it was the candidate, Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground. So, by God, we will get ducks on the ground,” Creamer states in the video. Later after getting backlash the campaign decided that the video points to alleged collaboration between the Clinton campaign, and the group tied to producing the other two videos in the week. In doing so, they got the heat off of the Clinton campaign, but only for a minute.

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