Staff Writer

Seventeen year-old, James Charles, broke the unnamed boundaries on October 11. He became the very first guy to ever be on a Covergirl magazine. Covergirl has always been a company that has worked alongside with Katy Perry, Ellen Degeneres, and many more famous women in the makeup industry franchise.

James Charles is a makeup artist with over half a million Instagram followers and over 700,000 videos on Youtube. Whenever he is questioned about his gender, he replies, ”I’m still confident as a boy and I will always be a boy. I can be confident with bare skin and with a full face.¨ James has done something utterly amazing from my perspective. He has, at the age of seventeen, shattered the system that started in 1989.

It is a time for a revolution, and if that means guys are the new “Cover Girls” ,and little boys star in Barbie commercials, then so be it. Who knows? Maybe in a couple of years there will be a Mr. America candidate. I say, why not?  Bring on change.

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