5-Second Rule


Staff Writer

A lot of people believe in the “five-second rule for food on floor”; they believe that once their food hits the floor, bacteria swarms it, unless you pick it up in less than five seconds. However, Professor Donald W. Schaffner committed a two-year study that puts the superstition to shame. No matter how fast you pick your food up from the floor, the second it touches it, bacteria immediately surrounds it.


People shouldn’t think that they’ll get sick after eating the food afterwards though; it depends where you picked it up from. Studies also show that men are more likely to eat the food from the floor. 81 percent of the women from the study claim they follow the rule. It all depends on the person if they choose to eat the food; there’s no harm in doing so anyways. Carpet has a very low rate of transmission of bacteria compared with tile and stainless steel. Its transfer rates from wood varied. Since watermelon has a lot of moisture, it draws the highest rate of contamination. As for food that does have a lot of moisture, they hardly collect any bacteria.


Professor Schaffner claims that you can still eat food even if it’s been on the ground for five hours. We all know that germs are invisible but can be deadly. A former professor, Douglas Powell, says that some people eat the food off the floor because they were taught not to waste food. As more people start to do it, they realize there’s really no harm in doing so. They act like it’s a natural thing to do.


Eating food off the ground has proved to be harmless, but that doesn’t mean we should still do it. Society should be careful and prevent themselves from getting sick.

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