The Phantom of the Opera


Staff Writer  

The Phantom of the Opera, based on the novel by Gaston Leroux, is an amazing musical.  I have had the opportunity to see this terrific play. It is a beautiful, romantic play, with a twist of thriller. The opera’s opening music, by Andrew Lloyd Webber, immediately gives the audience chills with its eerie, yet beautiful tones.


The Phantom of the Opera plays worldwide; many authors and producers have created remakes of Leroux’s work. This is definitely an American all-time favorite musical since it started showing in 1986. Not long after its first appearance, this play made it to Broadway in 1988, where it continued to grow and be performed in many other countries.


Many members of the audience enjoy the musical, and claim that the chandelier drop is their favorite scene of the play. This musical has a wonderful storyline with great music to get and keep people interested. Webber’s music ties the three hour play together, creating an environment where it is almost impossible to become uninterested. The musical almost always receives a standing ovation, because this is an exquisite, must-see musical.

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