Vans Warped Tour

By Emily Carrillo

Staff writer

The Vans Warped Tour is one of the biggest music festivals to tour in the United States, and has over one hundred bands and music artists to be apart of the tour. It takes place over the summer and gives people the chance to see or meet some of their favorite artists. Over the twenty-two years that the Warped Tour has been around, more and more people attend the show and are there to have a good time.


In the three years that I have attended Warped Tour since 2014, I can definitely say that it gave me a chance to have an amazing time with friends, and to see my favorite musicians all in one day. One of the highlights of Warped Tour is that it is not only a place for the people who love rock music, it is also a place for people to connect and make new friends. I was able to meet one of my internet friends, and a friend from a previous concert that I had been to and we were able to catch up while seeing our favorite bands.


I was able to see and meet some of my favorite bands with some of my best friends on the day that I attended Warped Tour on August 6th in Mountain View. I was lucky enough to get one of the last meet and greet tickets to one of my favorite bands called We The Kings. They are incredibly kind, and the lead singer, Travis, was sweet enough to let me wear his sunglasses for the picture that we took. I was also able to see, and meet another band that I had seen before called Assuming We Survive and the lead singer, Adrian, remembered me from when I first met him back in December of 2015.


The best part of Warped Tour was not just the music or the merchandise I bought, but it gave me a chance to forget about all the worries I had. I was not concerned about the problems that I had back at home, I was just happy to be away from everything. I was able to be genuinely happy without any sort of problem that day.

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