This is Autumn


Staff Writer

The crisp smell of October flows throughout the morning air; vibrant colors of leaves rising and dwindling as they flutter to the floor. For summer is gone, and the days grow colder.  Fall is a time for summer memories to fade and in place new memories to be shared.

Horror movies with golden, buttery popcorn and friends on Friday nights. A time for diversity to be celebrated. Big and small, oddly and regularly shaped, orange and yellow patches of pumpkins waiting to be carved.

A time of historical debates, hurricanes of words and brutality being thrown from one person to another. Gold, silver, and bronze medals, to ballroom trophies being won. Clowns terrorizing innocent civilians, to foreign affairs. Fifty years ago today, black empowerment was being formed, yet we still face racism in the states.

Comedy shows returning with even more laughs to come than before. Following your dreams by taking the SAT and applying to junior colleges or universities. Dressing up for Halloween, a night of frights and concealing one’s identity.

Most important, a time to give thanks and show acts of kindness to express your appreciation on Thanksgiving. When the weather progresses it will get colder, the leaves are all gone now, and in place comes winter.

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