The Crucible

by Caitlin Carlton

Staff writer

A book I recommend all Juniors to read is The Crucible by Arthur Miller. This is a suspenseful, dramatized, and fictionalized story that takes place in  Salem, Massachusetts in 1692.


A group of girls go dancing in the forest with a slave named Tituba. While doing this, a local minister, Reverend Parris, catches them, and one of the dancing girls goes into a comatose state. Because of this, the rumors spread around Salem that witchcraft caused the coma.


An expert on witchcraft, Reverend John Hale, questions 17 year old, Abigail (who the girls listen to) on what went on in the forest. Abigail says they did nothing but dance and tells the young girls not to admit to anything. The girls begin to accuse people in their town of the ones being involved with the witchcraft in the forest, conveniently choosing people they or their families do not like. The girls “dancing” in the forest begin to get innocent people executed.


To find out what becomes of the citizens of Salem, I highly recommend reading The Crucible. Especially if you are interested in sad, adventurous, dark, and gripping books.

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