The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire


Staff Writer

When Dan and Phil announced that they were going on tour, their fans were elated. They were so excited that most of their tickets sold out. That being said, obviously not all of their fans were able to go. Dan and Phil, however, thought ahead for their fans.


They had created the “The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire Tour” movie. It’s arrival was announced on September 21st of this year on Dan’s channel, it is not actually being released until October 5th. The movie was released on YouTube and can only be watched through YouTube Red. If you have YouTube Red, all you have to do is go to Dan’s channel, danisnotonfire, and the movie will be there. If not, all you have to do is subscribe to YouTube Red for $9.99 per month.


This movie follows Dan and Phil on their tour, taking you to all of the places they toured and their experiences there. This movie also takes you behind the scene of the tour and shows you bloopers, how they spent their time on the tour bus, and their struggles. It shows what Dan and Phil thought about the tour, and the fans they met along the way.


This movie provides their fans a chance to relive the memories and highlights of the tour. It also shows the people who were not able to go what the tour was like. This way, those fans are not missing out on Dan and Phil’s very first tour.


Dan claims that “It was the biggest adventure of our whole lives.” In their “A chat with Dan and Phil about their documentary!” video. They put a lot of effort into the film and they had very little privacy due to the constant filming. “It was violating,” Dan jokes, “but we did it for you.” And that should be a big enough reason to watch it.

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