Supernatural: The Road So Far


Staff writer

The date October 13, 2016 has a new meaning for the Supernatural fanbase. Fans from all over the world have waited nearly 6 months for Season 12 to arrive, and it is finally here. This season premiere excelled as several new elements were introduced within the first few minutes, proving that this season is off to a great start.


Even though the show was not running for 6 months, the Supernatural producers have been revealing spoilers over time which gave fans some time to predict what will be going on. One includes that rock singer Rick Springfield will be joining the cast, as he will be taking the role of Lucifer. Springfield will be put to the test to see if he can live up to Mark Pellegrino’s name as the original Lucifer.


What keeps the wait for Supernatural so exciting is that fans have to be left with a cliffhanger at the end of every season. We have to think about what will happen from the minute the finale ends to the minute the season premiere starts. Most seasons might start off faster with subplots, or some start off slower than others. Either way, the effort that the screenwriters put in the series always pays off by the finale.


Last night’s episode, Keep Calm and Carry On, gave viewers hope for the future as Mary Winchester (who has been dead for the past 30 years) came back, action packed and ready to roll in the impala; meanwhile, Sam is being held captive with little chance of escape without his brother. Will he escape alive?


One thing is for sure, this season will have multiple angles, and it’s still unclear if the Winchester brothers will be able to pull Lucifer back into his box again or defeat the British Men of Letters. However, with Dean’s ambition, he will successfully get his brother back and strive into next week’s episode.

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