More Clinton E-mails Leaked!


Staff Writer


The 21,501 emails released as of Tuesday morning contained candid conversations about policy, personnel, and the contentious primary race between Bernie Sanders, Chelsea Clinton concerns, and even Obama’s “line in the sand”. All emails were hacked from the inbox of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair. According to the hacked emails released by WikiLeaks, the former first daughter discovered, and shared her concerns involving conflict-of-interest, suspected cyber spying, and other issues.


The Hillary Clinton email issue has been a concern since she started the campaign, and has only gotten worse as more and more emails are being hacked, and released.  Ed Henry spoke on “America’s Newsroom” about the most recent WikiLeaks release of the Hillary Clinton campaign emails.


Henry said that the eleventh leak of John Podesta’s emails, which came out on Tuesday morning, “contains interesting details on the campaign’s narrative on the Benghazi terror attack and strategy for showing support for Israel. There was an email exchange among John Podesta , and other aides, where Hillary Clinton was being coached on, in their words, ‘how to stir up some moral outrage against Republicans at this Benghazi hearing several months ago,” Henry reported.


The emails also show Clinton aides debating early in her campaign how strongly she should voice her support for Israel. The emails also showed that  Clinton  had public and private positions on Wall Street, on whether she was speaking at campaign rallies or giving closed-door, paid speeches to financial firms like Goldman Sachs.


There are skeptics that do not believe Russia had anything to do with the leak of WikiLeaks. The blame was immediately put on Moscow after the first dump of emails, back when Clinton was running against Sanders, which showed the DNC in cahoots with the Clinton campaign, tipping the scales against Bernie Sanders. This news shocked Bernie Sander’s supporters, who were only grudgingly accepting Hillary’s campaign and having the former first lady over the top.


When the intelligence aides in the Clinton camp hinted the leaks came from Russia, it turned the spotlight to Donald Trump’s “Too close for comfort” ties to Putin. They suggested, and still as of now, that Trump and Putin were working hand-in-hand to undermine the U.S. democracy. Trump denies this, and Clinton’s emails continue to be leaked.

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