Living as a Muslim-American in Contemporary Time


Staff Writer

After the horror of 9/11, Muslims had succumbed to the worst possible stereotype; it altered the view of Americans towards Muslims. People begin to deem them as murderers, more specifically anyone that is Muslim is a killer rather than the real perpetrator. Minneapolis, Northern Virginia, and Staten Island are areas that are concentrated with Muslims. From an interview, Muslim-Americans had expressed that after 9/11 it is harder to be a Muslim living in America. A young girl, Hamse Warfa experienced harassment due to her religion. There was no specific ring leaders, except the man that brought the controversy to light, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was known to have an opposition towards immigration and enforces the stereotypes. He suggested that racial profiling is an effective strategy to prevent terrorism, and he went as far as attempting to ban all Muslims from the U.S. In other words, Trump has aided the nation to normalize hostility and suspicion of Muslim-Americans rather than fighting against it. Irrational Americans seem to want to target the majority, rather than the individual that had really committed the crime. Basically, Trump is enforcing racial segregation, something that America had been fighting against for many decades to maintain equality among all U.S. citizens.

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