Heroin Epidemic: An American Wakeup Call


Staff Writer

Is today’s choices ruining the next generation’s future? A heroin epidemic has barged its way into the American system and so far its demands are through the roof. Skyrocketing by over 60%, the epidemic is moving fast, and so far it’s stopping nowhere soon.

In Cincinnati alone, one hundred and seventy six deaths were counted in the matter of only six days because of heroin overdoses. Yet, it is not just the heroin itself that is causing these deaths. Heroin is an opioid drug, the opioid in the heroin is what causes people to be relieved of pain. Even though the drug might make you feel good, opioids can be fatal. Opioids are the leading cause of deaths in heroin overdoses. They look and smell similar; however, they have a completely different effect.

Not only are adults affected by the drugs, but babies are also greatly affected by this deadly drug. At Cabell Huntington Hospital in the therapeutic unit, nurses are taking care of babies vomiting, seizing, and crying for hours on end; born addicted. It might take hours, days, weeks, or even months for the addictions to pass.

This epidemics death toll is constantly on a rise. Babies, teens, and adults are being affected by the deadly drug and sadly, heroin is taking the lives of innocent bystanders. Heroin is the ugly truth of a hard, cold drug, and not many people know how powerful it is. Awareness is key: post your pictures of the shocking effects of heroin, because just maybe, it can help prevent another person from making a wrong decision.

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