Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated


Staff Writer

September 9, 2015, at 11:11 P.M., Nicole and Christian McDonald welcomed two healthy baby boys. The only difference, they were conjoined at the skull.


Conjoined twins occur every 200,000 live births, one in two and a half million being conjoined at the head, and their survival is never guaranteed. Approximately 40 to 60 percent arrive stillborn and about 35 percent only survive one day.


Thirteen month old, Jadon and Anias share one and a half centimeters of brain tissue and have undergone three complex operations over the past five months to slowly separate them. Over this past weekend, they underwent their fourth and final stage to fully separating them.


After nearly twenty-seven hours, the boys were placed in separate beds. The operation had been successful. At 7:42 AM, Jadon was rolled back to the hospital ICU, Anias at 1:00 PM, and cries could be heard from the family. Their sweet baby boys had just undergone a twenty-seven hour surgery and had successfully made it. Their operation was one of the longest operations to ever be performed on conjoined twins.


Since the operation, messages from all over the world have poured in, wishing both boys good health and praying for a successful recovery. Four days later, their mom, Nicole, is happy to be able to cuddle one child at a time and happy to see they have both opened their eyes. Although they are both doing well, Anias is expected to recover slower. Since birth, he has had breathing issues, feeding problems and seizures. Nevertheless, Nicole, Christian,  and the doctors are hopeful they will both make an amazing recovery.

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