Vikings 5-0 Start

Staff Writers


imageThe Vikings have started their season on fire! They have won five straight games and are undefeated! What makes it even more unbelievable is the fact that their starting quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, tore his ACL and Adrian Peterson, one of the best running backs in the league, is also out. The Vikings have gone on this magnificent run, and nobody saw it coming.


While the Vikings have started off with a relatively easy schedule, a five-zero start is still quite impressive. They started off week one by beating the Titans twenty-five to sixteen, and had a three point victory against the Packers week two. Week three they took the Panthers out twenty-two to ten, which was the truly surprising victory. Week four, they ran over the Giants by fourteen points, which led to last weeks victory, which was a blowout! They beat out the Texans thirty-one to thirteen.


The Vikings defense has been playing very strong, only allowing an average of 12.6 points a game, ranked first in the NFL. Not only that, they have allowed an average of 287.6 passing and rushing yards combined a game, which is ranked fourth in the NFL. They have six fumbles and two interceptions as a team, which is not too bad as a whole.


Their offense, as a whole, has been the only concern. Ranked fourteenth in points per game, and averaging 23.8  is not bad, but this is not great either. However, they did discover that Stefon Diggs, their new star receiver, has a lot of talent and potential. While he has only played in four of five games, he has twenty-five catches, one touchdown, and three hundred-seventy-two yards. He has easily become their main guy and is proving the critics wrong.
While no one can tell how long they shall stay undefeated, they are the last remaining team in the NFL with that title. Only time will tell how far their talent and luck will take them this NFL season.

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