Victims of Pakistan’s “Honor” Killings


Staff Writer


In Pakistan, the ancient code of conduct required a woman to be wedded through the decisions of the family, but more specifically, the parents. An 18 year-old woman, Tasleem, was shot by her brother because she defied the code of conduct by marrying the man of her own choice.

In previous years, three people a day were murdered in the name of “honor” in Pakistan. A variety of Pakistani news channels announced the death of girls who were killed by the hands of their family. Both genders will experience severe consequences, especially the female, if they challenge the code of conduct. Many girls were reported to have been shot, strangled, or burned alive, usually by the ones they lived with all their lives.
The Pakistan’s conservative Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, announced that legislation should eliminate the dilemma that the family of a murder victim pardon the murderer. The fact that the government often overlooked the honor killings is to prevent any prosecution. In this uncompromising system dominated by males, females face constraint that specifically chain them to the law of society. If any citizens, especially women, dare to revolt against this honor code, they will face severe, sometimes unthinkable consequences that may lead to death.

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