The Candidates Have Claws

by: Esmeralda Molina

Staff Writer


The arguing continues between the two candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. At the presidential debate on Sunday, Donald Trump responded to the questions asked and fulfilled his promise to bring up some of Bill Clinton’s actions. One question continues. Will the Republican party continue to be by his side?


The second debate opened with the topic of how both of the candidates treat woman. Anderson Cooper brought up the fact that the bragging Trump has done is relates to sexual assault. Trump continues with his defense that it was “locker room banter”.


Clinton broadens the use of the video by using it as ammunition against Trump by using it to her advantage by bringing out her opinion of him being unsuitable for the presidency because of his past of abusing people. That’s when Trump brings in Bill Clinton. His ammunition is how Clinton treated women in the past. He continues to try to get the attention off of him by letting the public know he is not the only one that has been involved in a sexual assault scandal.  


Then comes in the actual topics for the debate. When Trump is asked about the immigration of Muslims, he fights with Islamophobia. He comes to the conclusion that Muslims must spy on one another. That is his solution. Later when Anderson Cooper asks Trump about his taxes, he openly admits using the loophole to avoid paying taxes and blames Hillary’s Senate seat for it.


Clinton was less dominant in this second debate than the first but still made her points across, but all eyes were on Trump. Clinton was more in the background while the public watched for Trump’s next move.
Once the drama between the two candidates dials down a notch, the public will be more open to both of them instead of just one. The presidential debate continues on October 19, 2016.

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