Orange Sheep, You Say?


Staff writer


Have you ever seen a bright orange sheep? This sounds extremely unusual, but an English farmer had a brilliant idea to paint his entire flock of sheep orange. The outstanding color of the sheep is a smart way to make sure that if they are stolen, they can be easily identified.


What better way to make your sheep unique than to paint them orange? The color of the sheep has a whole meaning behind it. The farmer, Pip, has experienced sheep getting stolen in his area. Pip says, “more than 300 have been stolen in the last few years.” Now that they are all orange, there should not be a big problem with them being stolen. Who would want to steal an orange sheep?


The paint might seem to hurt the sheep, but the farmer makes sure to use safe paint. The color is safe and will last for about twelve months.
It is a unique idea that nobody has came up with. Pip says, “I’m hoping that whoever is pinching them wouldn’t be able to hide them, because they’re luminous orange.” After all, who would want to steal them now?

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