Lady Miners take on the Lady Pioneers


Staff Writer


The Mt. Whitney Pioneers arrived in the El Diamante gym on Tuesday, October 11, in an attempt to redeem their title in girls volleyball. The ladies battled for a lengthy first match, loaded with plenty of rallies.


The tension grew and the scoreboard became very close at the end, leaving El Diamante with the win at 25-23. Makayla Dwelle says it best, “We fought the entire time [and] we kept the intensity up throughout the whole game.”


During the second set, the Pioneers struggled to keep up while the Miners took a strong lead upon their opponent. Mt. Whitney attempted to make a comeback; however, it was too late. The second set ended with a score of 25-18.


The Miners took the lead in the third game with a handful of kills and blocks. The Pioneers creeped up last minute, but the Miners left them in the dust with a score of 25-21.
Jazzy Robles spoke on how when they “all do [their] jobs” and when things “begin to fall into place, it motivates [them] and makes things a lot easier.” The Mt. Whitney Pioneers and the El Diamante Miners are done battling for League of 2016 and the Lady Miners have set the tone.

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