Blue Lives Matter for an Alabama Teen


Staff writer


Brian Ogle, a seventeen year old from Sylacauga, Alabama, was badly beaten by four black men after making a “Blue Lives Matter” comment on social media on September 30th. Sylacauga Police Chief, Kelley Johnson, said that the four men were finally arrested on Wednesday, October 12th.


Brian Ogle was found in the parking lot at his high school homecoming game, almost beaten to death. Sylacauga police department has  confirmed that all four of the black men knew where he went to school, but that none of them attended the same high school as Ogle. All of the suspects are adults. One 18 year old, one 19 year old, and the other two are 20 years old. One of the men has been charged with assault in the first degree and three have been charged with assault in the second degree.


Some people, including the mother of Ogle, disagree with the charges against the men that beat her son, as it has left Brian with a fractured skull and brain trauma. Quartez Lamar Walker, the 20 year old, is being charged with assault in the first degree. He is the one who was armed with a gun, which is what Ogle was reportedly beaten with, the result is that he faces more serious charges for using an illegal firearm in the attack. Walker’s bail was set at $20,000.


Bobby Ronchea Brown, the 19 year old,  La Noah Grant Ealy Jr., the 18 year old, and Daveon Shamareya Nix, the other 20 year old, were all charged with assault in the second degree and their bail was set at $15,000.
Brian´s mother, Brandi Allen, is not satisfied with the ruling and argues that ¨It is a hate crime, and should be treated like one, they should have been charged with attempted murder, by all means,” she said. A Blue Lives Matters representative is working with Allen, in order to receive justice for Brian.

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