Those Darn Emails!


Staff Writer


Should Hillary Clinton be pulled from the race due to her email scandal?


Ever since the beginning of the presidential election, the email scandal came to light and everybody’s eyes were on Hillary Clinton. According to the FBI, she had traces of Benghazi-related emails in her server and that raised suspicion towards her. It also made society think twice if she is the right person to run for President.


Although she has declined her involvement with the emails, the FBI officials still continued their investigation and ended up discovering classified emails.


This has triggered society into believing that Hillary is a criminal and not a suitable person to run in the presidential election. She testified before the House Select Committee about the classified emails related to Benghazi she sent using her personal email account. Most of the media has been focusing on this situation even when Donald Trump has been making insane remarks and racist comments.


Some people think this is a controversy because Hillary will be the first woman president if she wins, and some people don’t want that. Some people think that Hillary’s situation is more eye catching than Trump’s comments.


President Obama even stated his own opinion about Trump, “The Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president,” Obama said at a White House news conference with the Prime Minister of Singapore. “He keeps on proving it” (“Obama says Trump ‘unfit’ for presidency” CNN).
Perhaps instead of directing our attention just on Clinton, we should also keep our eyes on Trump. Everyone has a different opinion about Trump and Clinton, it is up to society to decide who is the correct person for president.

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