Sounds Live Feels Live Experience


Staff Writer


img_2885Attending the 5 Seconds of Summer concert: Sounds Live Feels Live concert in Irvine involved a mixture of feelings. Feelings of excitement, nervousness, impatience, and joy. Out of everything at the concert, the music and the people were the best. If you’ve never been to a concert before, 5 Seconds of Summer concerts are the best to go to. The fans are genuinely welcoming and it’s an amazing, positive community to be in.


Not only was the band itself amazing, but the opening bands were just as good. Most people don’t normally want to listen to the opening bands, but Roy English and Hey Violet were great to listen to. They also set the atmosphere well for the headlining band.


It’s highly likely you will to talk to someone who works at the venue when you go to a concert, whether it’s for food or to find your seats. All of the workers were extremely nice and helped make the experience more enjoyable. They were polite and helpful, even when you asked a lot of questions.


The fans were for the most part calm and nice to talk to while waiting for 5 Seconds of Summer to come out. I was able to talk to the people sitting next to me easily and connect fast. Some fans were even dressed like hot dogs and bananas in the front row, which was entertaining. There wasn’t an ounce of negativity in the amphitheatre that night.


Like with any concert, the only bad thing is waiting for the bands to come on, it seemed endless. Leaving was also a hassle, because of how crowded it was and how long it took to get to our cars. Everything else went surprisingly well and the whole experience was amazing thanks to the fans and music.  

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