No More Anti-bacterial Soaps

Savannah Garza

Staff Writer

Do you like being sick or like germs? The United States Food and Drug Administration is trying to get rid of antibacterial soaps and body wash. According to the FDA, antibacterial soaps are not safe and you should use plain soap and water. The ingredient triclosan is found in soaps, toothpaste, detergents, some toys, as well as some surgical cleaning treatments. According to the FDA we should stop using antibacterial soap because researchers found that triclosan can cause allergies.

Antibacterial soap is dangerous for our environment because after it goes down the drain it goes into our water and can contaminate it. Plain soap and water does a better job of getting rid of bacteria than the common antibacterial soap. The FDA has not found out if Triclosan is dangerous to people; however, some studies on animals have found that high doses of Triclosan can affect the way hormones work in the body. Some consumers still may believe that antibacterial soap washes more effectively than plain soap and water.

Now, why should consumers stop using this product ? Even though Triclosan is found in toothpaste researchers say it is shown to help kill germs that can cause gum disease.The FDA is trying to ban anti-bacterial soaps. One important thing to remember is that when you are sick, wash your hands regularly in order to get rid of the bacteria causing the sickness. In the end it is a better idea to use regular soap and water than anti-bacterial soap for washing your hands.

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