Is Twenty-One the New Eighteen?


Staff Writer


When one sees the number eighteen, most people think along with that comes independence. However, recently there have been many laws that changed the limit on what a person can do until he or she turns twenty-one.


Drinking is one of the many changed laws. We can serve our country but we cannot drink any alcoholic beverages. There are special occasions, such as weddings, where if someone gets married at eighteen, he or she would not be allowed to celebrate their happiness with champagne or wine. Instead, they would toast with sparkling apple cider. How would you feel about celebrating such an occasion with a child’s drink?


Smoking is another major issue brought to the table. Even though smoking is a bad thing for the human body, we should still have a choice to make important life decisions. The later we wait will not affect us much, because what’s going to stop others from trying it? There are people who find the loop to get the drugs.


Gambling is something we should be able to do no matter the age. If we are allowed to purchase lottery tickets, why are we rejected from casinos?  An average eighteen year old is in school or has a job, both of which demonstrate that he or she is responsible.
As the great man who invented the happiest place on Earth once said, “I’ve been looking out the window for eighteen years, dreaming about what I might feel like when the lights rise” (Disney). We are brought up thinking that after we turn eighteen we will be independent, but in reality, we will not reach our full potential until we turn twenty-one.  

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