Is The Force Awakening or is it Dozing Off?


Staff Writer

Almost one year ago, Lucasfilm and Disney teamed up together in an attempt to add on to one of the greatest movie sagas ever created: Star Wars. Were the two partners able to exceed expectations? Or did Disney drag them down?

Many people believe that Disney should not have taken the franchise from Lucasfilm, as Disney takes it into a different direction from the original six movies. However, many believe that Disney has taken too much credit for the production of the movie. In almost every Disney store there will be a Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren action figure. But where are the originals? Most young children today have yet to watch the Original trilogy created by Lucasfilm. But when someone say Disney or Kylo Ren, almost every child knows exactly what you’re talking about.

On the brighter side, we can almost all agree that with every passing year, there’s new technology. Compared to the older trilogies, the special effects of The Force Awakens is incredible. With so many amazing shots, it seems as if there really is a great explosion, or as if the animated characters are real creatures. The film crew should truly be proud of what they have created.

Only one thing has remained the same throughout all six movies created: John Williams music. Williams has produced powerful, intense soundtracks for all movies, and in The Force Awakens, Williams music includes the classic soundtracks that are also present in the first movies back in 1977.

Performance wise, actors Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, have set high standards for acting. In spite of this being her first movie, Ridley handles the portrayal of Rey with ease. John Boyega shines starring as Finn, as he is able to take on the task of being humorous as well as being serious.A few of the original cast members – Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill – are included in the seventh installment, starring as the characters they played in the original trilogy. That is the power of great acting.

So does The Force Awakens score major points? It does in the box office, and many are very excited to see where this trilogy is headed to in the future.

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