iOS 10: Step up or Step down for Apple?


Staff Writer


For iPhone users, iOS 10 is either the best or worst thing to happen to iPhones.

New changes to messages made with iOS 10 include: different ways to send messages (like slam, loud, gentle, and invisible ink), background effects on messages, write it yourself messages, sketches in messages, emoji replacement, stickers, the ability to add stickers to messages, and even play games over messages.

These messaging features are not the only thing new to the iOS operating system, Siri has also undergone some changes. Siri can open straight to apps and do things like call for a ride through the Lyft app or send money through Square Cash. Apple also added a home app that lets the user turn on and off lights and unlock doors.

From the lock screen, sliding to the left will show weather, app suggestions, a calendar, news, and much more. Apple Music has also been redefined to make listening to music and finding favorites easier, by adding a favorites tab and a browse tab.

It is safe to say Apple has changed the game with iOS 10.

So, is this new update helpful or is it a step down? While it is a lot to take in, it definitely is helpful, not to mention cool. Who knew that one day we would be able to send messages with lasers or confetti in the background? Learning iOS 10 might be a hard concept at first, but after getting used to it, it becomes natural.

Like every other version of iOS, there are things that people will not like. For example, the raise to wake feature is annoying; however, there is a way to turn it off. Overall, iOS 10 is a step up from every other iOS update, and Apple will only go up from here. Who knows how Apple will top iOS 10, but for now, it is a blessing to iPhone users everywhere.

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