El Diamante v Lemoore: Dawn of Volleyball

by Adam Escobedo

Staff Writer


The Miners went against Lemoore on Tuesday 27 of September with a close, exciting game. The Miners started the first set strong with a lead of 8-4. Lemoore then ties it up at 9-9. The Miners get into the lead and widen the gap between them and Lemoore. The Miners won the first set 25-14. The second set was a close game from the beginning. The Miners and Lemoore were getting ahead of each other with only 1 point. Lemoore got the lead and kept it that way till the end of the second set 17-25.


The third set starts with Lemoore leading 1-6. The Miners make a comeback and tie up the game to 7-7. Both teams go back and forth with each team getting a chunk of points. Lemoore gets ahead of the Miners with a 7 point lead. Lemoore wins the third set at 16-25. The Miners start off strong with the fourth set. They keep the lead until Lemoore score at 18-12. Lemoore streak is ended and the Miners make there way to 20-12. Lemoore then caught up with the Miners at 20-19. The Miners finish off the game with 25-19. With the last set beginning, the Miners start off strong. The Miners keep a steady paist ahead of Lemoore. The Miners win the last set with 15-6 and the match 3-2.

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