El Diamante Girls Tennis Maintains Their Strong Lead


Staff Writer


Girls Tennis on Friday 9/28 took on Hanford in another exciting match. With the team’s great agility and determination to hit the ball and get it over the net, it eventually ended fairly well for our Miners.


To start off, varsity singles hit it off incredibly strong with an ending score of 8-1 against Hanford. In the first  set, varsity singles had great scores. For example, three repeating scores from Madison Hofer, Ariah Suniga, and Jenna Toor with 6-3. In follow up, another three repeating scores  from Caitlyn Childres, Jaden Brewer, and Logan Mann with a 6-1 score. The second set had very similar scores, so the fire and determination that they had in them did not extinguish and kept right on burning.


Next, came the doubles. Ariah and Jenna took on their opponents with a winning score of 8-5. After that came Bonnie Zhang and Janet Lau with a great match, however, they did not win. Even with the loss, they played very well and we  hope to see more of their exciting matches. Finally, Logan Mann and Kassidy Rose had a finishing score of 8-5 as well to wrap up doubles. Doubles has been great this year and they truly show some talent.


Not only did varsity win, junior varsity did too. Their finishing score was 3-2 in total. Singles had one victory and one loss since there was only two matches. Doubles had one win, one loss, and one forfeit on the Hanford side.


So in recap, the Girls Tennis Team has done very well so far and have one more home match on Monday, Oct. 10. Mr. Harding, the coach for the team, hopes to see the team make the upcoming playoffs to forward their tennis season.

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