Straight Ticket Voting Again In Michigan

By: Rose Mendoza

Staff Writer


On Friday, September 9, 2016, The Supreme Court ordered for straight ticket voting to continue in Michigan. Straight ticket voting is when voters may choose a party’s entire slate with one single notation. It had been an option in Michigan since 1891.

In January, a new law was signed by Gov. Rick Snyder saying it was required for citizens to cast votes for individual candidates, people said it was a good process for the voters to investigate each individual office and candidate. Yet this law did not fully forbid straight-ticket voting, it simply made it more cumbersome, according to Judge Drain.

The law was soon blocked in July by a federal judge, saying it imposed “a disproportionate burden on African-Americans’ right to vote.” Many people disagreed saying more voters will be more informed, filling in each individual bubble rather than only filling in one bubble. The State Legislature had no good reason to continue with this law, according to the Brief. Many believe that the voters would not pay attention if straight-ticket voting came back, they thought taking away the option was much more appropriate because voters would pay more attention as to who they are voting for.  

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