Fantasy Football Ups and Downs


Staff Writer


After week three in the NFL, a lot of players that expected to be leading the league have fallen off the map. Players such as Brandon Marshall, Odell Beckham Jr, Dez Bryant, and a few others are costing teams a lot. Surprisingly, there have also been a few players who have been putting up very big numbers who were not expected to.


Odell, who is supposed to be a top three receiver, only has twenty-eight  points in three weeks. He is putting up average player numbers, it is especially disappointing compared to the season he had last year. Some wonder if it has come to the point where they should bench him, but I think he’s getting back on track to his normal self.


While Odell is putting up average numbers, Antonio Brown has lived up to his hype. With fifty points, he is putting up what has been asked of him. Fantasy owners are very happy with what he has been doing.


Another disappointment has been Amari Cooper. With what he did last season, no one expected him to play so averagely. He is right there with Odell, three weeks in with about thirty points. As a fantasy owner, averaging ten points a week is a consistency that most players can put up. It’s a touchy subject to see if he will be back to his normal ways.


On the defensive side of the ball, after putting up fifty points on week three, Kansas City has jumped up on the list. They snagged six interceptions and just destroyed the Jets’ offense. They were not a popular team going into week three but whoever started them should have been extremely happy with what they got.


Another highlight was Aaron Rodgers with four touchdowns during week three. He did everything and more in his thirty-six point performance during week three. Rodgers had been putting up average numbers until then. Many believe this is just what he needed to get back to his normal game.


With fantasy football owners looking for the quick, free agent grabs and bargain trades, these are the players you are going to want or avoid.

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