Houston Shooting


Staff Writer


On September 26th, 2016, a shooting occurred at 6:30 am on a Monday morning in Houston, Texas. Nine have been reported injured, and one in critical condition. The gunman, who was identified as Nathan Desai, was an attorney who worked at a law firm. On his person and in his house, Nazi insignias and symbols were found. Of course, this does not indicate his motivation.


Desai reportedly had troubles at his law firm, but this is still doubtful. It is speculated he took his anger and troubles out on the public, although, this is just assumed. It is unknown whether or not his politics played into the role of the shooting, or if his mental health was unstable.


Desai, the gunman, was reported dead the morning of the shooting.


“He was wearing a military-style apparel, I don’t know exactly what nationality or exactly what army or anything like that.” Capt. D.W. Ready reported to CNN.


Antoine Wilson, a witness of the shooting, was driving early in the morning before the attack and soon he was caught in the middle of gunfire.


“I didn’t realize I was right there by the shooter” He stated to CNN affiliate KTRK. The witness reported gunshots shooting right beside him. Soon authorities surrounded the area.


75 shell casings were found at the scene. It was discovered the gunman held roughly 2,600 rounds of ammunition for his .45-caliber pistol and .45-caliber Thompson carbine rifle.


An act of terrorism is assumed, but not supported. With the case still developing, hopefully authorities will come to a more clear verdict.

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