Lights Out All Over The U.S.

By Rose Mendoza

Staff Writer
Are you into horror movies? Do you enjoy being terrified? Can you handle the terror? If so the perfect movie for you will be “Lights Out”. This movie is an amazing thriller/horror movie that will make you sleep with the lights on for many days.


The movie starts off right away with showing Diana, the ghost and childhood best friend of Sophie, the mom. Diana  plans on staying forever at any costs. Diana haunted Rebecca, one of the main characters, when she was little and also had to deal with her mom’s illness. Rebecca was so overwhelmed and frightened that she ended up leaving her house, some say abandoning her mom.


Years have passed and her little brother, Martin, is now experiencing the same haunting as his older sister. Now it is up to them to help save their mom from this horrible illness and the haunting of Diana.


Throughout this movie, we go along, step by step, following the siblings and their struggle to end the terrifying ghost Diana. The movie was not as scary compared to other horror movies, but it will still give viewers a fright. This movie is perfect for people who have a fear of the dark or get uneasy with creepy looking subjects. This movie is rated PG-13, and it is directed towards teens or younger teens. “Lights Out” defines the saying “monster in the dark.” All in all, this movie is a great choice and definitely gives the watcher a good scare.

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