Hanley and Red Sox use Rally to Win in 9th


Staff Writer


The Red Sox have been atop the AL East for a good chunk of the year, but they have been experiencing some troubles to break away from the Orioles to get comfortable. Strife aside, the Red Sox have been on a big winning streak to give them a good three-game cushion between them and the Orioles. Going into the series with their long time rival, the Yankees, all eyes were on the Red Sox to see if they would be able to take care of business.


Every game in this series has been very close and has come down to the last out. All games  have been with the Yankees leading all game long, until the last three or four innings and the Red Sox look to flip the switch; then the big bats come out.


In game one of this four game series, Hanley had plans to ruin the Yankee’s night. All night pitcher Masahiro Tanaka was making the Red Sox batters look foolish. Swinging at pitches way out of the zone and in the dirt, and burning 99 MPH fastballs right over the plate, making batters swing and miss all night. These Red Sox batters were hoping for something to happen to Tanaka, or this was going to be a long night for them.


Coming the 8th inning, Tanaka was pulled out and the Yankees, with a 5-1 lead, thought they totally had this game sealed. However, the Red Sox had other ideas. David Ortiz blasted a home run deep to left center giving the best offense in the league a chance of hope. When a team can help it, they do not want to give the best offense in the league a chance of hope. Sadly for the Yankees, it was too late; they already did.


Going into the 9th, the Red Sox were ready to have some fun. To start the inning, they get runners on first and second, but end looms over the Sox with two outs. There is still hope resonating; Big Papa is up, and the crowd knows what he has in mind. He hits a single to centerfield to score Pedroia, and Bogaerts goes to second. Then, Betts singles to right to score Bogaerts and send Hernandez to third. With runners on first and third Hanley Ramirez steps up to the plate. With a record of 0-4 that night, he was really struggling at the plate. But with the crowd roaring and tons of energy flowing through the stadium spectators had a feeling something big was going to happen.


With a 3-1 count, Hanley gets a pitch over and away of the plate, right where he likes it, and hits a shot to deep center, and Fenway park goes insane. It was a night to remember for not only the Red Sox, but maybe the biggest hit for Hanley in his Red Sox career to put the Red Sox just that much closer to an AL East pennant.

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