Celebrities Say Goodbye to Social Media


Staff Writer


More and more celebrities are beginning to quit using social media sites. Some have addressed why and others have not tried to do so. Most have done it because they did not like social media’s negative effects, others because they needed a break.


Famous artists such as Demi Lovato, Iggy Azalea, and Justin Bieber have long since decided they were sick of social media and the negativity they receive from being themselves. Demi Lovato did come back to social media, claiming in a tweet, “I love my Lovatics too much to leave them”. Iggy Azalea, however, has given her management full control of all of her accounts and still has not shown any interest over controlling these accounts since 2015. Azalea seemed to stand strong with her decision in a tweet, claiming that “The Internet is the ugliest reflection of mankind there is”. Justin Bieber deactivated his Instagram in August because of the hate he and his new girlfriend received. He recently started up Instagram again to upload a picture, but then claimed on Twitter that it was an accident. Bieber’s and Azalea’s fans are hoping they’ll be back soon. The Lovatics are glad she didn’t go through with it.


Most celebrities, like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, quit social media and have claimed it was because they needed more time to focus on more important things. Swift took time off around her 1989 world tour in October of 2015. Although she didn’t deactivate her accounts, she did announce that “people might need a break” and began to post less and less. Sheeran took his break in December of 2015, directly explaining why. He stopped posting on his Instagram and Twitter after posting a picture on his Instagram stating he was “taking the opportunity of not having to be anywhere… to travel the world.” He has not posted anything since he gave us reason for his break.
Even though some of these celebrities don’t look like they will come back to social media, their careers have still continued on and have even grown since then. These celebrities were able to send a message to their fans about how social media affects people. Either way, these breaks were probably much needed in favor of these celebrities’ stressful lives.

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