Murder of JonBenet Ramsey


Staff Writer

December 25,1996, a normal Christmas morning, JonBenet, a six year old girl, and her brother Burke awoke to bikes and gifts from Santa, and from their parents, John and Patsy Ramsey.  Little did they know of what they would find the next morning.

Patsy awoke the day after Christmas to get the children ready for their trip they were going to go on, but as she came down the stairs she found a ransom note stating that they wanted 18,000 dollars and if they did not receive it they would behead JonBenet. She then decided to call the police and accidently left the phone disconnected from the receiver, which would later play a key detail in the case. While this was occuring John was allegedly reading the note and Burke was still asleep in his room.  Once the police arrived they awaited for the kidnappers call, that would never come. John and a family friend searched through the house once more, but as they were going through the basement John found her body wrapped in a blanket, strangled and beaten.

Police automatically felt that John, Patsy, or Burke where the key suspects. There are interviews in which the neighbor recalled hearing a scream and some people conspire that Burke seemed unaffected, also some say that John never cried and he acted mysteriously. Patsy was the last person to see her, and the ransom note was written on a pad of paper she owned.Some conspirers say that Bill, a man the parents hired to act as Santa,  may have snuck in through the broken window and then raped and beat her in fear.  

Twenty years after the mysterious murder,  of a six year old beauty queen, the question remains who done it?  The list of suspects arranges from “Santa”, Patsy, John, and her nine year old brother Burke.

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