Death of New Mexico Girl Stunned Neighbors


Staff Writer

Many children had succumbed to abduction, abuse, and assault; but only a small voice to speak against it. New Mexico is known to have an excessive youth poverty rate across the nation as well as a state government that faced the dilemma of sheltering youth from mistreatment. Victoria Martens, a ten years old girl, falls victim to the abuse. Martens was discovered to have methamphetamine injected into her system before being raped by Fabian Gonzalez, a 31 years old man who was engaged to Victoria’s mother, Michelle Martens. Michelle Martens, Fabian Gonzalez, and his cousin Jessica Kelley, were justified to have been involved in the death of Victoria Martens. The three were charged with abduction, death, and corrupting the evidence of Victoria Martens. Victoria’s case is considered as one of the worst scenario of youth that were abused to death by being drugged, raped, and dismembered.
Cases piled upon one another of youths that yielded to mistreatment throughout the state of New Mexico which prompted investigations and programs to improve poverty and lessen the victims. New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez took in consideration into changing the environment of New Mexico by enforcing child welfare caseworkers to make more home visits, and the nation to execute kindergarten programs to put a safer shield over the children. As Sanchez had stated, big change does not happen overnight; it takes effort and time, maybe generations, to fully lower the rate of youth poverty rate and abuse for the sake of future generations.

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