Remembering the Music


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You’ve heard the name, and you’ve heard the music. AC/DC, an Australian classic rock band that has gone down in the Rock Hall of Fame, is slowly coming to an end. The band has made record breaking albums and singles that have hit the top of the charts in several countries, year after year. But as new generations are born, some may not realize the power of these hard core rockers, and that’s why we’re remembering the music.


The band AC/DC was originally formed in 1973 by Malcolm Young and Angus Young. The two brothers got the name from their sister’s sewing machine as the letters AC/DC were printed on the side. It took several lineup changes before the band created their first album. Finally, Bon Scott, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Phil Rudd, and Mark Evans were settled into the band. Their first album, High Voltage, was released in 1975; by 1977, they were one of the most popular bands in Australia.


The Bon Scott Era:

Ronald Belford Scott (Bon Scott) covered seven albums for the band from 1975 to 1979. He was the man that got the band going and raised them to fame. In 1980, AC/DC began working on the Back in Black album; however, Bon would not live to see the end of it since he died from acute alcohol poisoning in his sleep. The band questioned if they should go on or not, but eventually they did, as Bon’s mother said that Bon would want the band to continue. AC/DC held open auditions and in walked their new lead singer, Brian Johnson.


The Brian Johnson Era:

Brian Johnson was the first to pop into Malcolm and Angus Young’s head while looking for a new lead singer. Before Bon’s death, Bon had seen Johnson perform live and enjoyed his performance. Johnson auditioned with “Let There Be Rock” and was called back after a few days to be the new frontman. With Johnson, the Back in Black album was completed. His time in the band lasted for 36 years, from 1980 to 2016.


AC/DC made 23 albums and sold over 200 million albums worldwide in the 41 years of their career. Back in Black sold 22 million copies alone and is considered one of the greatest comeback albums in history.


Over the years, Malcolm Young has retired, Mark Evans was replaced by Cliff Williams (who is now considering retirement), Johnson was replaced, and Phil Rudd was also replaced. Their current world tour Rock Or Bust will be ending in September 2016, and the band will also come to an end. The band made several achievements in their career and are still considered as the legendary rock band that made history. AC/DC might be coming to an end, but their rock and roll soul will live on forever.

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