NFL Injuries after Week One


Staff Writers

So after week one in the NFL, there have been many key losses for teams due to injuries.


The Cowboys major current loss is Tony Romo, their All Star Quarterback, due to a broken bone in his back. This will truly test the Cowboys second stringer, as Romo is the head of that team.


Another big loss was the Patriots who had lost, arguably the best tight end in the game, Rob Gronkowski, to a minor hamstring injury. He’s projected to be back by week two, but his hamstring could get worse and lead to a more serious injury.


Sadly, Chris Ivory, Jacksonville Jaguars’ running back was in the hospital from Sunday morning to Tuesday afternoon. It was undisclosed what put him in the hospital, but suspicions suggest it must be serious. He looks to be out on the practice field, but is limited.


Green Bay’s first string corner, Sam Shields, entered “Concussion Protocol” on Monday, which is a big loss considering he is a top corner in the league. There is no projected time for his return at the moment; it’s always hard to tell with concussions.


Sammy Watkins, out for foot injury, the Buffalo Bills number one receiver is a big loss to that offense. They rely on him to make plays other receivers do not have the ability to make. He is projected to come back this week, but nothing is set in stone.


Julio Jones, who is considered to be a top two receiver in the league, is a big loss for the Falcons. He is battling a nasty ankle injury, and is hoping to be back for week 2. He was the third highest fantasy football drafted receiver according to “” this season. So, fans will be hoping he can get back fast.


Mohamed Sanu is also a loss for the Falcons, coming in at their second stringer, they’re getting slim at the receiver position. Believed to have a twisted ankle, you can never tell when a full recovery will be made.


TJ Green, who can often hold the Colts Secondary down, is dealing with the “Concussion Protocol” list. No projected time is available at time but the Colts hope for a fast return.


The Miami Dolphins need every piece of their offense to stay healthy as they do not have a lot to work with this season. DeVante Parker is a very valuable receiver and without him, they are running out of depth. He is often the leader of that receiving core and will take a big morale hit without him.


Every football fan knows the last running back you want on your fantasy team is Jamaal Charles because he has ACL problems on the yearly. As we all hope for the best, he’s having a slow recovery off of his second ACL tear from last season. No projected time at his return, but we hope there’s no more problems for him.


Unfortunately, it just gets worse for the Chiefs as their backup running back, Spencer Ware, behind Charles is dealing with a sprained toe. Coming in clutch for the team last year when they lost Charles, Ware will be looking to get pass this injury and hit the field again.


Dont’a Hightower, a very versatile linebacker for the Patriots, is a huge loss. During his game on Sunday against the Cardinals, he acquired an unspecified leg injury. With contract issues going on as well, this could be the end of his career in New England.
Even with all these injuries, the NFL is still on top of their ratings and all of their teams are still okay on players. While hoping for a speedy recovery for all players, we still do not know who will be injured later on in the season, including those who will get injured as well.

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