Academic Decathlon


Staff Writer

academic decathAcademic Decathlon is an academic club that occurs all over the nation between  teams of 12 or more that compete in different areas of academic excellence such as art, music, history, social science, science, math, literature, economics, speech, and interview. Each year, a new topic emerges ranging from World War I, India, Russia, sustainable energies, and this year’s topic is World War II. Every year, the teams study and learn their specific topic for that year, and when the time comes, each team will compete against the other schools in their county to determine which school will continue onto State. The county championships are on two different days, usually in February. From there, one school will continue on into the state category. This school will then compete against the top schools in their representative state, then one school will go onto nationals and repeat the sequence all over again.


These teams are not just a group of nerds who have no social life, but they are writers, artists, photographers, runners, and overall an extremely dedicated group of people. The El Diamante ACADEC (academic decathlon) team is a made up of a group of well educated students and one coach, Mikk Jolly. They also tend to refer to themselves as a family; this is especially true at El Diamante High School. This ragtag group of students are like a second family to each other. This is what makes them such a hard group to beat at county. Two years ago, they went to state because they worked and functioned as a team, one that knew the others’ weaknesses and strengths. Academic Decathlon is a way to get to know other people and learn about our world’s history.

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