UFC Fight Diaz v. McGregor


Staff Writer

On August 20, 2016 Nate Diaz re-matched  Conor McGregor at  the T-Mobile arena in Paradise,  Las Vegas, Nevada. When the UFC fight came on TV it was awesome to watch the two men show off their fighting skills. The fighting event was pretty intense to watch and see who becomes the UFC champion. Both Diaz and McGregor tried their best and gave it their all. Getting the chance to watch this kind of sports event is very exciting and entertaining. This  is a huge opportunity to watch a fighting sports event and getting to see the before and after results. When the fight first starts you get to see what the fighters look like and get to know a little about them and how they feel about going into the octagon. Anytime fights come on TV it’s a great opportunity to get to see professional fighters fight in the ring and getting a complete new temporary look until the wounds and bruises heal. Watching the news is very interesting because you get to learn and see  about  the professional fighters careers and  their lives  is entertaining and fascinating to learn how dangerous this sport is and how serious  the results can be while participating in this career  path and making a lot of money.  Even though Diaz didn’t win the fight he should feel  proud of getting another chance to rematch McGregor and learn his technique and become a  great fighter like McGregor, and  maybe even become a champion someday. In the end both Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor are both great Professional fighters and even though McGregor won and became the champion Diaz stayed positive, stayed a great sport, and congratulated him on his victory and the results of the match were McGregor and Diaz majority decisions (48 – 47 , 47 – 47 , 48 – 47) so at the end of the match McGregor won by decision.

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