Lady Miners Volleyball: Miners take on the Pioneers


Staff Writer

The El Diamante Miners took on the Mt. Whitney Pioneers on Thursday night, September 16th. During the first set, the Pioneers and the Miners battled, but the Pioneers took the win: 23-25. Mt. Whitney came out strong again for the second set beating the Miners by 5. Nicole Phillips expressed how “[their] attitudes were down, but [they] were able to come back with positivity.” The El Diamante Miners gained control in the third set, finishing with 25-22. Utilizing their comeback, the Miners took their opportunity and ran, winning the fourth set 25-20. The fifth set was a fight, but the Miners brought home their victory with a score of 15-8. Emily Goldenstein stated how “[they] played well as a team” and the Miners capability to “get really energized as a team” led them to their success. The Pioneers and Miners will battle again on October 16th in the El Diamante gym. Make sure not to miss it!


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