First Year Teacher Ms. Meza is Ready to Take on the Challenge


Staff Writer

As a young, first year teacher, Ms. Meza is ready to face the challenges of freshmen, block schedule, and keeping up with her young daughter in her free time. After graduating from Fresno State with a biology and French degree, she decided to be a teacher. She always wanted to help others, especially the students that may need extra attention. Mentoring students is what she really enjoys, so being a new teacher makes her excited about all the students she gets to guide and support.


Meza is currently teaching health, AVID, and biology. The majority of her classes are freshmen which is sometimes fun for her, but they are extremely tough students to have. She makes sure that they are always moving, talking, and participating because she knows it will be chaos if she doesn’t. Even though freshmen can be difficult, she loves that they are easily moldable and how fun it is to see the people they will grow up to be. Three different classes are demanding, but she still enjoys the three different cultures that come with each class.


Last year, Meza taught at El Diamante as a student teacher for Mr. Billingsley (a biology teacher). Being a student teacher helped her know where she wanted to be. At first, she wanted to teach at Redwood, her alma mater. At El Diamante, she realized how involved the science department is with their students and how much the kids are challenged. It felt like home to her. Luckily having taught here already, she is very comfortable with block schedule. She thinks it works best for the students, and it allows the concepts to sink in. At El Diamante, there is plenty of time to help her students and improve their grades.


When Meza is not at school, she is usually chasing around her rambunctious three year old daughter. The activities she enjoys with her daughter include painting, gymnastics, and visiting family. Even though her freshmen classes can sometimes act the same as her daughter, she knows to treat them with respect because she expects that her daughter is getting the same respect from her teachers. She has also taught in France which helped her experience different cultures and situations in the classroom. She aspires to go visit France sometime next year.


Ms. Meza hopes to have an amazing first year and continue to teach at El Diamante which has become a home for her. Using her experience as a student teacher at the school and as a teacher in France, she wants to help mold and mentor her students to the best of her ability.


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