Interview With Mr.Ang

Interview With Mr.Ang


Staff Writer


Why are you fit for this job and our school district?  


  • I have a teaching credential and I have 8 years of experience being a math teacher.


Would you say that you are a tough teacher?


  • I consider myself a normal teacher.


Do you connect your lessons to the ¨real world¨, if so, how?


  • Yes by giving examples of things going on in the world and I bring materials for examples.


How have you encouraged students to stay in school and graduate?


  • “I share my experience with the students, and education is very important skill in school.


What is the most satisfying thing of teaching?


  • The most satisfying thing is helping kids succeed in school and life.”


What are your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher?


  • Strengths: I always do different strategies as a teacher


Weakness: I don’t see any for myself

As a teacher, how do you relate to students  and parents?


  • I talk to them I’m open to their problems, and I listen to them when they need it.


What do you consider to be a major issue in public education today?


  • A lot of students are not serious in their studies today. If they aren’t serious, they won’t ever get a good career.


If you could teach just one grade level and subject within your content area, what would you choose? Why?


  • Math 3 because I love to be able to teach math to students who are willing to learn it.



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