From Student to Staff


Staff Writersmrs-cook

Ms. Elle Cook, the new photography teacher, is one of the many additions to our staff this school year. Although this is her first year teaching at El Diamante, Cook is not a stranger to our campus. She graduated from El Diamante in 2008.

Throughout her high school career, Cook was extremely involved on campus; she was a cheerleader on the JV team her freshman and sophomore year, and in 2008, she took home the title of El Diamante’s homecoming queen.


Cook started developing a passion for photography her sophomore year when her homeroom teacher inspired her to take up film and editing. She graduated from California State University, Northridge with a degree in film editing. Before getting a job as an editor, Cook worked as an intern for two post-production companies.


Her love for this school has not changed since she first stepped foot on our campus. When inquired about her opinion on El Diamante, she claimed, “I love it. If you cut me open, I have green and blue blood.” Even though her homeroom is “chatty,” she is excited to see them grow as individuals.


Despite it being a touchy subject, Cook was open about her political views. When we asked her who she plans on voting for in November, she revealed that she will “…be putting Beyonce’s name on the ballot.”


Outside of school, Cook enjoys playing with her dogs and tries to exercise. She recently got engaged and is getting married next November. If she could live anywhere in the world, she would live in Bend, Oregon with her family. Cook would like everyone to know that “[i]f anybody needs help with editing, [she is] here.”
Make sure to say hi if you see her around campus. Welcome back to El Diamante, Ms. Cook!

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