El Diamante is in Treble


Staff Writer

Justin Witt makes his new mark as the choir teacher. He began his interest in music his sophomore year of college. He was going to be an engineer, but he felt that music was his passion. He began his interest in music when he went to University of Pacific. After sometime, he realized he could share his love of music with others. He began his first year of teaching choir at Robert F. Kennedy High School, and then he taught at Cesar E. Chavez High School. Now we are glad he is here at El Diamante High School.


Mr. Witt loves to be around all his students everyday. He enjoys the students and staff’s school spirit. EL D is his new home. His new homeroom thinks he is a good guy so far; it’s only been a few weeks of school. His choir students have bonded with him already.


A chamber student, Zach McCorvey said,“He’s a good guy and he knows music very well. He loves what he does, and it shows in the classroom.”


Another student in concert choir, Garrett O’Brien says, “Mr. Witt is a very kind, funny choir director. He is passionate about what he does, but still knows how to make it fun. In the classroom, you can tell he wants to make great harmony with everyone, and I know he will be a good teacher this year and more years to come.”
Mr. Witt has touched his students already, and they can’t wait to make more memories with him.

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